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Mountain station of the cable cars Steinplatte, Waidring, County of Kitzbühel, Principality Tyrol, Austria

360 ° panorama from the summit station of the cable cars Steinplatte, the best hiking and skiing in the triangle, Tyrol, Bavaria and Salzburg.

The plateau in the triangle Tyrol - Salzburg - Bavaria in summer offers wonderful hiking trails, great bike tours, challenging climbing and climbing, and especially the TRIASSIC Park.

Up to the Beginning ! Triassic Park Steinplatte Waidring.

A journey into a bygone world.
In close contact with marine reptiles and other creatures from a time before about 200 million years ago.
In an interactive exhibition experience on approximately 400 sqm of exhibition space offers visitors the opportunity to " travel" into a fascinating and long-forgotten world . Through interactive stations and the latest multimedia technology is brought visitors to this exciting topic in a playful way closer.
Outside there is a 210 square-foot "mini ocean " is surrounded by the highest sand beach of the Alps, the 1,400 m² " Triassic Beach". Here the little visitors can splash and play in and around water , while adults can relax on the beach with its magnificent views. The kids take themselves while on an excavation in part to search for hidden treasures in the sand.

Climbing wall, waterfall and "living " dinosaurs in the lake!

Following the " Triassic Beach", the " Triassic Trail ", you have the opportunity, on the viewing platform, which is anchored on the rock wall, the magnificent panorama of the surrounding mountains, as well as the Pillerseetal and Leukental (from Kitzbuhel to Erpfendorf) to admire. The theme for the summit and back informed on numerous exciting interactive stations about the origin of the stone plate. As a highlight, there is a huge fossilized coral reef to explore.
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