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Parish church, St. Jakob in Haus, County of Kitzbühel, Principality Tyrol, Austria

360 ° panorama in the parish church of St. Jakob in Haus

The parish church of the holy Apostle James the Elder was probably built in 1273 and 1303 first mentioned in documents.
To the 17th Century, a church was built in Gothic style. As in 1689, an avalanche destroyed the church to its foundations, it was built back in the same place.

The beautiful figures from the building time come from George Faistenberger, the oil painting of the resurrection of Christ from Ignaz Faistenberger and the ceiling fresco by Johann end panels.

A-6392 St. Jakob in Haus, Pfarrgasse 4
Tel: +43 (0) 5354 88178
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