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Triassic Park, Steinplatte, Waidring, County of Kitzbühel, Principality Tyrol, Austria

Triassic Park Waidring

200 million years old fossils await you on the Waidringer Steinplatte. The primordial sea from the Triassic era left behind a spectacular cliff. Near the summit you will impress the coral garden. Immerse yourself in a world historical and relax a little on the idyllic Triassic Beach.

The Waidringer Steinplatte offers numerous hiking and in winter provides plenty of fun during skiing. 200 million years ago this would have been their territory divers and snorkelers.

The primordial sea from the Triassic era has left a spectacular cliff and is full of prehistoric fossils. Discover the coral garden around the peaks of the Steinplatte, which has already impressed many visitors.

In Triassic Park 's history comes to life in an exciting way and the youthful spirit of research stimulated.

Contemporary presents the adventure park and clarifies the visitors about the historical time.

A highligth the observation deck is all right to look deep.

Almost 70 meters above the abyss, she floats, the new walk-in viewing platform near the Triassic Center. In the form of a fan coral they provide visitors spectacular views deep and breathtaking views.
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